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No Progress Status When Cloning External to External disks

Thread needs solution
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ATIH 2011 Update 1 (build 6696) with Plus Pack. New to ATI and still learning. (In fact ATI just saved my bacon two days ago. Rock on.)

Cloning my PC to a destination drive works well. The Progress Windows tells me when it's done and also gives me the option to shut down after cloning. So far so good.

However when I use ATI to clone an external drive to another external ATI does not present the progress window.

I have an external USB HDD that that hold important data; (250mb source disk)
I have another external USB HDD that I use to back it up; (250mb destination disk)

I can clone the disk, but ATI does not present a progress window. So I have no idea if the cloning process is completed or not.

The only indicator I have is the blinking light on the destination drive. So if I let the process run for an hour, and wait until the light on the destination drive stops blinking then i check it.

Am I doing something wrong?


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ATI features both cloning and backing up. A disk and partition backup works at the same level as a clone. The key difference is that the result of cloning is, hem, a clone disk whereas the result of a disk and partition backup is a TIB file. You can restore your computer with a TIB file from a disk and partition backup. It is more flexible than cloning.

Make sure you include all partitions of your system disk in your disk and partition backup to be able to restore your system on a new disk, and that you create a recovery CD that you test out.

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I am a long time Acronis user, up to today I used Acronis for only backups.
My second attempt today with the Clone process is not diaplaying the Status dialog box.
I am running Win 7 Pro on an Asus PP8Z77-V Pro mobo, with an Intel i7 3770K CPU, and 32 GB RAM.
Today, on my first ever use of Acronis Clone a Drive, I sucessfully duplicated aprox 80 GB of basicly static archived data off of a 2 TB drive and onto a 320 GB drive I had on a shelf.
After I satisfied myself that the clone process had been sucessful, I deleted the partition on the 2 TB drive and I have recovered that drive and can now utilize the 2 TB drive in a more efficient way.
Next I started the Clone process a second time to duplicate more than 1.5 GB of data from a (another) 2 TB drive and onto a 3 TB drive. Now I have no Status window! There is on the task bar an Acronis icon which upon a Right Click lists Status, Cancel, Priority, and About. I have selected High Priority; but when I Left Click on Status, all I get for a few seconds is the little Microsoft swirily circle, nothing more.
All of my drives are Internal.
Help will be appreciated.
Tks, Bill

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FWIW, after a couple of hours of having no feedback other than the little moving Acronis icon on the taskbar, I shut down and re-started my machine.
I repeated the cloning procedure and Volia' everything proceeded as it should. The end result was a duplicate of the 2 TB source partition on my new 3 TB drive; BUT that gave me a 1 TB unallocated space because I had forgotten to specify GPT for the 3 TB drive.
Sooo... now I repeating the procedure and establishing the 3 TB drive as a GPT disc.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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I think I have the same problem with Clone. I am running activated Windows 7 Pro x64, SP1, on ASUS P6TD Deluxe with an Intel I7 975 (3.33 GHz, not overclocked), RAM 12 GB at 1066 MHz (rated 1600 MHz). My drives are: C: 256 GB SSD, D: System Reserved, E: 250 GB, F: System Reserved, G: 250 GB, H: 2 TB, I: DVD, J: 1 TB, K: USB. G and H are hot-swappable, removable, internal SATA drives. When I attempt to clone C to the D:/J: drive (Acronis created the partition on D and remapped the second partition to J), I get no status and eventually a popup "Windows detected a hard disk problem" on ST31000528A5, Volume: D:\;J:\. This drive was formated NTFS and ran a low level ChkDsk without detecting any errors. Note that I use Acronis itself to backup files to G and images to H. I intend to run all three Acronis processes nightly but Clone can't be scheduled. I may be paranoid, but I want to be able to boot from the 1 TB in the event of hardware failure. In the event of virus infection or other that could corrupt the clone, I would use the Acronis recovery disk with one of the images. And, if I somehow screw up my data (I do some software development), I can restore individual files from the file backups. Although I have successfully used Clone to recover from a failed mbr on twin RAID 0 SSDs to the non-raid SSD which is now my C drive, I cannot clone from the non-raid SSD to the Seagate SATA mechanical drive. My Acronis is True Image Home 2012, Update 2.1, Build 7133, Full Version, Activated. Please see the screen capture in the attached .doc file. WHY DOESN'T THE CLONE WORK?

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I have the same problem. I am using the latest Seagate DiskWizard to clone one external Seagate 320 GB USB drive D: to another identical drive E:, using Windows 8.1.  DiskWizard is based on Acronis.  The clone appears to be running as lights on both drives are blinking, but there is no progress window or other indication that the clone is running.  I am very surprised that this issue exists 6 years after the original post!  Not a good endorsement for Acronis.

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Eric, welcome to these User Forums.

Seagate DiskWizard is an OEM version of Acronis True Image and not officially supported by Acronis - see KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products for the official statement.

OEM versions of the product also tend to be based on older builds and may be limited to work only with specific makes of drives etc.

Personally, I very rarely use cloning - see topic: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this!!! for some of the reasons why.

Another option that may be of interest is to invest in a dual-bay cloning docking station that you can pick up on Amazon for a fairly low price and can duplicate drives without even needing to connect to a computer, but this would require the drives to be removed from any enclosure to sit in the SATA dock bays.

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So NINE YEARS after the original post - the issue persists....  ATI 2021 still doesn't show any progress when cloning (USB -> USB).  Its total guess work (when the drive lights stop blinking !!) for when to pull the disks...

Cant believe I keep paying for this....


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Steven Keogh

sorry to know about your negative experience with cloning! Passed your feedback to the product management for review.