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Old version clean rules - Not working

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I am using various editions of Acronis True Image on a few different systems, and I am having the same issue on all them.

Basically, the option to delete old versions does not appear to have any affect, and I have to regularly check the backup resource to delete old backups so it does not run out of storage.

I have put a screen shot of my settings below, and am seeking assistance for what may be wrong here.

My expectations is that any file older than 14 days will be removed, but this is not happening.

Hoping I can get some guidance on what I may have wrong here.


image 570

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Dean, welcome to these public User Forums.

There is a common misunderstanding around the clean up rules and how they work.

If you use the Delete version chains older than 14 days, the key fact that needs to be understood is that this only applies to completed version chains and the count of days does not begin until after a new Full backup for the next version chain has been successfully created, so can be much longer than just 14 days!

For your settings above, making some assumptions as to when your task runs, then at a minimum it would be 14 + 7 days if you do a daily backup, i.e. Full on day 1, incrementals on days 2 - 6, another Full on day 7 then counting starts at 1 on day 8.

The simpler clean up scheme is to Store no more than X recent version chains, where the oldest chain gets deleted after the X+1 new Full has been successfully created!

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Thanks for your post.

Yes this looks like I was misunderstanding these settings.

I will changing my settings as you have suggested, and see how it goes.

I will mark as the solution soon once I get a result.

Thanks again Steve.