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Online Backup - No apparent progress overnight

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I've had ATH 2010 with PP for about a year. After initial frustrations I got the online backup to work and was satisfied. A couple of days ago I upgraded to ATH 2011 and WAS APPALLED by the GUI, THEN read the reviews (shoot, aim). I requested and promptly received a refund (thanks!) and reinstalled 2010.

When I tried to access my prior 22GB of online backup, the software showed me the prior existing online archive, and let me browse it, however, it would not let up change settings, what to upload, etc. There was a dialog about "have you registered this computer before", but when I looked for a way to point my current software session to that prior archive, the dialog had messages that seemed to indicate that it was might to delete the archive. So I said, ok, I'll just start over, I'm going to reorganize the upload anyway. So I entered a "new computer" name, and then I saw the "what to upload" and "options" buttons, and used those to set up and initiate my job.

I knew it would be slow. After the first night it was up to about 548MB, so I thought, ok. However, it seems like the upload has gotten stuck on 609MB for the last two nights. The little control bar icon says it's running, and my network tests say I'm getting ISP average upload speeds of about 431KPS. But I'm concerned that it did not make any progress overnight.

I did reorganize the upload folders, considerably. My setup is that I have my "key" data on a network drive. I use GoodSync to sync that drive to a partition on my PC every hour. Then I do my Acronis Backups (including the online backup) off the sync partition. What I did was move all the "archive", "old" and large, static AVS files into different folders and put those folders on the backup job "exclude" list. (They get taken offsite every few weeks, anyway). This reduced the online backup "what to upload" to about 3GB.

So the alternatives I can see are
A) the online backup job is thinking real hard about the reorganized upload folders
B) the little icon is lying about actually running
C) dunno

I'm thinking about just rebuilding the online backup job entirely, however, would like some better understanding before using blunt force.

Any suggestions about what might be going on and what I might do about it would be appreciated.


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Hello lockemup,

Thank you for finding time to open the thread regarding this question and provide us with the detailed information. I understand your concern, and will be glad to help you.

There still can be several possible reasons for the issue, and we would like to localize the exact cause. Could you please gathe rthe following information: 

  1. Network logs: 
    Go to Start -> Run -> Cmd and issue there the following command
    ping -n 50 > C:\Acronis\ping.log
    tracert > C:\Acronis\tracert.log
    Gather the created ping and tracert logs

  2. Acronis System Report as described in Acronis True Image Home 2010: Generating System Report or Acronis True Image Home 2011: Generating System Report.

    If for some reason it is not possible to get the report, get the below information:

  3. Acronis folder from:

    \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\TrueImageHome\ (Windows XP)


    \ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\ (Windows Vista\Windows 7)
    Application and System event logs (Start -> Run -> eventwvr.msc)

After that please submit a case with the information attached, and let us know it's number.

Should you need anything else or have any further questions - feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, we will be happy to help you!

Thank you!

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Thanks for the response. I rebooted my machine, and AH started adding to the upload. Then, I noticed that it did not seem to update the "upload total" very regularly. It would update it if I logged off "online backup" and then log in again. Maybe I just wasn't doing that when I thought it was "stuck". Anyway, working now, thanks.