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opt files within TrueImageHome\database

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Hello, We run Acronis 2016 on 12 platforms. There are a ton of files of the form "Archives.db____.opt" that are piling up. Which of them can be deleted?

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David, try opening some of the .opt files in Notepad or other text editor and if they are like the ones I see on my own system, then they are XML text files and a quick look in the contents will show you what backup task they were associated with, i.e. the backup archive file name shown within the XML text.

If those backup files are no longer used, then it will be safe to remove the .opt file(s).

Posts: 8
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Hi Steve,


Thank you for the in depth look at the opt files.


Before I received your reply (which was just now, because of a whole bunch of other things going on), I had somewhere seen another factoid on this subject, and I've tried another approach.


I have added a startup job to Windows that deletes all the opt files. So far it seems like everything is still working and that I can recover everything I need to.


If this goes South on me, I'll let you know.