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Process for Converting .tib file to VMWare Workstation VM

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Have what I thought would be a simple question am looking for a simple step by step process to accomplish the above. I have True Image Home 2010 and Plus Pack, VMWare workstation 7 and Standalone converter but no where on either site can I find a simple procedure describing how to convert an image backup of my current XP Pro system running dual boot with Win7 Home Premium into a format that I can boot as a VM under VMWare workstation. All sorts of reference about the fact the feature allegedly exists but no where that I have found is it documented HOW to do it. Any help or pointers to appropriate documentation would be greatly appreciated.


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using ABR 10 you can restore a tib into a Microsoft VHD format file, which then can imported by VMWare.

Actually There is also a Software called WinImage out there which allows you to convert full disks directly into VHD files, which then can be imported into VMWare.

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Hi QuikaTB,

It seems to me that VMware 7 allows for the creation of a
VM using .tib files directly.

Anyone have any additional info on this?

Step-by-Step would be GREAT!



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Have a question regarding the latest version of VMWare Workstation V. 7.1.3 along with the latest version of VM Comverter. This version states that it can import an Acronis TruImage 10 (.tib) file and change it into a virtual machine. I have tried this running Win7, WinVista, and WinXP without success.

VMWare VCenter Converter Standalone v. 4.3.0, when used to try to convert a TruImage 10 backup returns "The source parameters are invalid" but does not offer a method of changing the source parameters.

When attempting to "import" the TruImage 10 files into VMWare Workstation v.7.1.3 the conversion wizard returns a "unable to load the source virtual machine or image. The file might be corrupt, or an unsupported format."

The image files are not corrupt and TruImage backup and restore work correctly with the tested image files. The VM chat rooms mention a few possible workarounds but these are time consuming and not really practical in the long run given that VM claims to work with these images.

Has anyone attempted these conversions and found a successful solution. Also TruImage11 images create Windows .VHD files which VMWare workstation also rejects.


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Hi all,

I hope this step by step could help you...

First of all, we need to understand that Acronis TIH 2010 is not TIH 10 (thanx to André) :

  • Acronis True Image Home 10
  • Acronis True Image Home 11
  • Acronis True Image Home 2009 ==> Version 12
  • Acronis True Image Home 2010 ==> Verison 13
  • Acronis True Image Home 2011 ==> Version 14
  • Only versions 10 & 11 are compatible with VWVare.

By the way, with the newer version, it's a bit more complicated to convert our Acronis backup to VMWare... What we need to convert to :

  • Acronis TIH 2010 or 2011 (not tested with 2009)
  • Vitual PC (installed with 7 pro, not tested with other Virtual PC versions)
  • VMWare convert Center >= 4.0.1 b161434

Step by step :

With TIH, convert your Acronis backup to Microsoft Backup. It will generate a Vitual Machine Hard Drive Image : YourBackup.vhd

Open Virtual PC and choose create a new virtual machine with default options (but NOT based on the vhd you created !). When finished, it is not necessary to launch this new VM.

This new Microsoft VM create a new vhd file. Rename this vhd with the name you want, then rename Yourbackup.vhd with the same name of the vmc file.

Open VMWare convert center :

  • Choose "convert machine" with a source type "Backup image or third-party virtual machine",
  • browse to your virtual machine file then click on "View source details...". If no error, you can probably convert your backup.
  • Click "Next", CC will retrieve information about the existing vm and will ask you the name of the new vm and the location.
  • Then click "next"... verifying destination parameters...
  • Don't touch parameters for the Data to copy, but define Devices (CPU, memory), Network
  • on the advanced options, uncheck all.
  • Click "Next". Normally process must be completed successfully with a beautifull and valid VMWare VM.


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I've done it tonight, here's the way to do the same :
- Download and install the TRIAL of Acronis True Image Home 2012
- Make the .TIB backup on the source drive (can be an USB drive), let all options by default
- After completion, inside Acronis True Image Home 2012, go to Tools and search option for Acronis Backup Conversion (sorry I'm using the french version)
It will generate a .VHD file
- Download and install WinImage TRIAL (I've found it on…)
Editor's page :
- Inside WinImage, open the .VHD file, select the good partition
- Go to menu -> Disk -> Convert Virtual Disk Image
- Select your .VHD file
- Select either 'Fixed Size Virtual Hard Disk' or 'Dynamically Expanding Virtual Hard Disk'
- Select destination filename for .VMDK file

Second part :
- Run VMWare Workstation 7
- Create a new VM (select memory, Windows version, network...)
- Use an existing virtual disk and go browse for your .VMDK (you can convert its format or keep it as you wish)
- Click Finish and run it.

CAUTION : Windows may warn you about activation because of hardware changes. TAKE CARE.


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Hello CVince

Buddy of mine hase Acronis True Image Home 11 and we were trying to convert .BIT images using vmWare vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.0. When we try to open an image we get "The source parameter are invalid"
Any ideas what is going on with this. Since you stated that this version is fully compatible with vmware, why does not work? Should we be using a specific version of vmWare vCenter Converter?

Please advise