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Quick question regarding backup management

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I think I know the answer to this, but just to confirm.

If I click on the last backup, for example, Acronis Full Backup_full_b1_s4_v1, would Acronis look for all incremental backups, such as Acronis Full Backup_full_b1_s2_v1 and Acronis Full Backup_full_b1_s3_v1?

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Jim, ATI will try to walk backwards through incremental version chains if you select the most recent file.

The names of the files are not correct as you wrote them, as only the first backup of a new version chain is _full_b1_s1_v1 then the following files are incremental _inc_b1_s2_v1 .. s3 .. s4 etc.

Recovery will only operate on a single version chain, so if you have multiple chains (b1, b2, b3 etc), you would need to select the most recent file for the desired b? chain.