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quick way to verify backup

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Hello all!

When I want to restore one file from a backup, how do I know the file is actually coming from the “backup” and not the original location on my still working disk?


I wanted to check this. I temporarily took the original disk off-line thinking that I could verify this by attempting to restore one file from the backup disk and restore/send the file to a third disk location. Guess what? “True Image” won’t allow me to get anything from the "backup" image .tib. So how can I be sure??


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When recovering files or folders, you can do this by double-clicking on the backup .tib or .tibx (2020) file in Windows Explorer, which will allow you to explore the contents, navigating to the location containing the files etc, then you can use normal Copy & Paste controls to grab any data and put it in another location.

Validation is a process that only confirms that no changes have occurred to the backup image file (.tib / .tibx) since it was created on the storage drive.  It does this by reading the file back and calculating the checksum values for each block of the file and comparing these values with those stored within the file itself.  Validation does not guarantee that the data within the image was good when the backup was made!