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RAID 1 Clone

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I am using True Image 2011. I usually upgrade every 2 years.
I will be upgrading my 1 TB drive - RAID 1 - with 3 partitions - to 3 TB - RAID 1.
I am looking to clone my old to new system....... will it just be a matter of setting up another RAID 1 with my new 3 TB drive and then cloning from my old 1 TB drives - Will it really be that easy or is there something I should be aware of before I start this process.

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I guess the 3TB RAID1 volume will be a GPT?
Also, I assume we are talking about a hardware RAID1?
If yes, you will need the 2011 Plus Pack to be able to get support for this kind of setup ( Since Acronis is now selling 2012, you will need to contact them about how to achieve this or to upgrade to 2012.

If you have a software RAID1, a GPT disk won't be supported even with the Plus Pack (

If you don't change the disk controller as you change the disks, the only approach is to do a disk and partition backup of all the partitions on your RAID1 (including the hidden ones that ATI or Windows Disk Management will show you, but that Windows Explorer doesn't show), and then replace your disks, put the new disks in, rebuild the array and then, from the recovery CD, restore to your 3TB set up.

Indeed, cloning is not supported for GPT disks, even with the Plus Pack.