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re-installing true image 2015

Thread needs solution
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Unable to open True Image 2015 to run a system backup; I deleted the application with the intention of re-installing from my CD.  I have done this several times over the years.  I was unable to re-install from the CD (I attempted a download as well), because of a previous Driver marked for deletion.  I rebooted several times to no avail.  My Serial number is  Many thanks…  

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Ray, welcome to these public User Forums.

First comment, please edit your initial post above and remove or obscure your license serial number as that is a gift for someone else to get a free copy of ATI 2015 and cause it to never activate for you after that point!

Next, download a copy of the Acronis Cleanup tool (link below in my signature) and run this to ensure all traces of the old installation have been removed, then restart Windows to complete this action.

When reinstalling, it is best to download the final build installer from your Acronis Account pages rather than using a CD which probably has a much older build of the application.

See KB 46710: Acronis True Image: Installation Fails in Windows - for common issues and solutions.