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Recover bookmarks from C drive backup

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Acronis True Image 2015 on Windows 7

Help.  I can't find the browser bookmarks (IE, Chrome, and Firefox) on my full disk backup.

Hard drive had a virus.  First, I backed up the OS (C:), then recovered from an old backup of OS.  All is good (so far).  I would like to recover the bookmarks from the infected backup, however I can't find them.  I didn't think of backing them up before I recovered the OS, but I did make a copy of the infected OS, just in case there was something I wanted (like bookmarks) that I didn't think of ahead of time.

This is where I expect to find the bookmarks:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\



When I drill down into the backup (via Windows explorer) the files are not there.  In True Image, after I click on "recover files", I can only drill down to the C:\Users\Username\  the hidden directories are not visible.  In Windows explorer I changed the setting to show hidden and operating system files. 

Any idea on how to find the bookmark files?


Dad admin

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Hello Dad admin,

Thank you for your posting! These data are by default excluded from the backup, you can configure exclusions under Backup Options - Exclusions.

Thank you,

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That is absolutely unbelievable.  I've been using Acronis for probably 10 years and until NOW it has worked beyond expectations.  BUT NOW IT HAS FAILED ME BECAUSE THEY CHANGED HOW IT WORKS BY DEFAULT.  I DID A BACKUP ON THE C:\ DRIVE BUT THE DEFAULT SETTING WAS TO EXCLUDE BROWSER BOOKMARKS - BY DEFAULT!!! When did that start and WHY?  Now my wife's bookmarks are lost because they were EXCLUDED BY DEFAULT.  It would have been bad enough if they were mine, but worse to lose my wife's!  


Very frustrated Dad admin :( 

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I am sure that there many more people who share your frustration and anger about this change even if it is relatively simple to change these 'default' exclusions - that is little consolation when you have lost your bookmarks!

I use the Xmarks bookmark sync on my systems as a belt & braces protection for these important items and it has saved the day on several occasions.  It is also very useful to sync my bookmarks across my different systems so that I still have another copy should the worst happen.  This is still not a substitute for your lost bookmarks but can protect against losings them again in the future.

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I wholeheartedly agree.  This policy is outrageous, particularly since Bookmarks take such little space and they hold a history of years of searching.  Why on earth would Acronis make this policy part of the default omission?  I'm gobsmaked (since I'm just now trying to recover lost bookmarks!!!!!!)

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Hello Alan,

sorry to know about the issue!  It was changed in the Update 2 for Acronis True Image 2016 and in 2017 to longer exclude certain user profile "appdata" directories that housed browser settings such as favorites. In older versions of 2016 and 2015, the user needs to remove those default exclusions from the backup task.  Alternatively, taking a full, offline backup with rescue media will ensure that the entire disk is backed up "as is" with no exclusions.