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Recovering OS Image to Pre-partitioned Dual Boot SSD. Can I do this?

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I've got Windows 7 running smoothly from my computer's HDD. I've got 2 partitions, one ("C") holding just the OS and program files, the second ("D") holding all data (including Users and ProgramData folders). I've used ATI to image the the HDD.

I'm going to modify the computer to dual boot Mac OS X (Lion) and Windows 7. The computer will have a 120gb SSD (Kingston HyperX) that will hold the 2 OS's and a 1.5tb platter drive that will hold all data.

After extensive reading, it turns out the best way to accomplish this is to use Mac OS installation media to partition the SSD into 2 partitions - an HFS+ for Mac and a temporary FAT32 or XFAT for Windows. If I were doing a clean install of Windows 7 at this point, I would use the Windows 7 installation disk (either diskpart or the disk manager tool) to reformat the FAT partition into NTFS and then install Windows 7 on that NTFS partition. But that's not what I'd like to do.

Instead, I'd like to use Acronis to restore the image of my Windows 7 OS partition ("C") onto the SSD. If need be, I can still use the Windows installation disk (or any number of disk tools) to reformat the FAT partition into NTFS. I don't have to resize the partition because the OS partition ("C") that I've imaged is relatively small. So, here are my questions:

1. Can ATIH 2012 do this, i.e. restore my "C" partition onto the already formatted SSD without destroying the OSX partition?
2. If ATIH can do this, will I in fact have to reformat the target FAT partition to NTSF? If I do have to reformat, will Acronis do this?
3. I assume I should actually restore both the actual OS partition AND the small "system reserved" partition?
4. Should I do "sector by sector" restore. Related to that, I've read that ATIH 2012 is SSD "aware" and will automatically offset the restored image. Will it do this offset even if the target partition is already formatted?

I know this is a lot. But any help would be appreciated. I figure it's better to map as much out in advance as possible.