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Recovering a partition with a backup that is larger than the partition size

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I have two PCs. They are the same model (NISE 3500) and I have taken a backup of one using Acronis True Image 2014. The backup contains the following partitions:

Drive C: - NTFS, 59.43GB

Drive E: - NTFS (System), 200MB

I am now trying to use Acronis True Image 2014 to restore this backup on the other PC. However, the second PC has a primary partition that is only 57.66GB and a system partition that is only 100MB.

The partitions in the backup are larger than the partition sizes on the second PC. Can I still restore the backup on the second PC? I tried using the command line to increase the sizes of both partitions, but there was not enough space available for me to do so, so I seem to be stuck with these sizes.

I have tried the restore process once, but when I did so, I got an error that Windows failed to start properly and was given a choice of starting normally (which doesn't do anything and just restarts the PC) or launching startup repair (which was unable to resolve the problem).

Is the problem because of the size of the backup, or is there another issue that's causing Windows to fail? If it's the backup size that causes this, what's the solution?

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Ben, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but will need some more information to understand the issue here?

What OS is involved with your 2 NISE 3500 PC's?
How do these PC's boot into that OS in terms of the BIOS boot mode used?
Do they both boot as Legacy / MBR systems, or both boot as UEFI / GPT systems?

What type of backup did you take of the PC you used as the source here?
Was this a Disk & Partitions backup for the whole source disk drive, including all hidden / system partitions?

How are you trying to restore the backup to the second PC?
Are you booting from the ATI 2014 Rescue Media (on CD/DVD or USB stick)?
What BIOS boot mode are you using to boot the rescue media?  Legacy or UEFI?
Are you trying to restore the whole disk backup from PC 1 to the disk on PC 2, or are you just attempting to restore individual partitions?

How much free disk space is there in each of the partitions involved here?

Have you make a full disk backup of both these PC's before you started on this migration process?