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Recovery: The archive is corrupted - operation completed with errors

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XP Pro with Acronis 9 incremental backup, tried to restore all files and got many can't restore file errors at AVAST and a few other directories so kept pressing ignore (so many AVAST files I needed to hold down the i button), then about halfway through it hung on a file with no options to choose except cancel, so recovery didn't complete. Then the computer was still working but had many invalid shortcuts (.lnk) and I can't get bluetooth to turn on, so next I tried to restore the entire C: drive and that went smoothly for awhile then stopped with error message "the archive is corrupted - operation completed with errors." Now I get a flickering black screen on boot.

What should I try next? Chkdsk and HD Sentinel show no backup HDD errors so it looks like just the archive is corrupted. Can I plug the backup HDD into another computer and validate and try to fix the corruption?

I have the bootable rescue media on CD but the CD drive in this laptop stopped working before and appears to have died because it's not being detected at boot and reinstalling the driver didn't help. Any way around this? Can I copy or convert the rescue media from CD to a USB flash drive or external HDD? I ordered another CD drive. Should it work on first boot without loading Windows?

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Welcome to these User Forums.

Any recovery that involves restoring the Windows OS programs, files and settings etc, including the Program Files folders etc, should only be done when booting from the Acronis Rescue media or if you have the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (ASRM) installed to give you an F1 key prompt on boot to launch the Acronis standalone environment.  ASRM will only work when restoring to the same physical disk drive, it is lost if the drive is replaced.

You should be able to download the ATI 9.0 Rescue CD image as an .ISO file from your Acronis Account downloads page if you have registered the product to your account, then you can use a utility such as Rufus or ISOtoUSB to write the ISO file in a format that would create a bootable USB stick - this assumes that your computer is capable of booting from USB media.

With regards to a corrupt backup file, there is very little that can be done if the file really is corrupt other than try an earlier starting point for the restore, i.e. if you have an Incremental backup chain with an initial Full backup and 9 Incremental backup files, then go to the next earlier incremental file (i.e. the 8th file) and try with that.

If you have another computer running Acronis True Image, then you could try validating the backup file chain by attaching your backup drive to that computer.

I would recommend running CHKDSK on all your drives that will be involved in a recovery, i.e. the backup drive plus the target drive for the restore too, just to be sure that there are no problems that would cause the restore to fail.