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Remove old Backup file

Thread needs solution
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I am using True Image 2013

I found all the 3 years backup files filled up my hard drive spaces. What is the proper way to remove old backup file?

John Powell


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John, welcome to these user forums.

Please see the ATIH 2013 User Guide: Deleting backups and backup versions which explains about doing what you ask.

See also the section: Consolidating backup versions which may be relevant to your quesiton.

A third method that you can use is described in section: Cloning backup settings which helps you to avoid the issues described in the other sections above by effectively creating a new backup task using the same settings as the original one.

The key to using the clone option is to set a new destination target folder for the backups that the cloned task will create, and then delete the task settings for the original backup task that you cloned from.  Once the settings are deleted / removed, then you can do whatever you want with the backup files created by the deleted task, i.e. delete them in Windows Explorer without having to worry about metadata errors etc.

a b
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I've changed the destination drive, so points to a new location but the old files remain in the drive but are no more referenced and cannot be removed by trueimage, neihter by file manager


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a b, please open a new forum topic in the forum for the version of ATI that you are using, and give more details of what exactly you are doing and what problem is being encountered?