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Resize W7 boot partition on an SSD Drive?

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I used TI 2010 Home (CD Boot Version) to restore a 68GB W7 partition to a 120GB SSD Drive. For some reason TI did not increase the 68GB partition to fill up the available space on the new SSD Drive. I got confused because I have cloned drives in the past and TI has always increased the partitions to use all of the space on the drive. It is now apparent to me that TI does not do this trick on a restore which makes sense! Anyway, is it possible to use Disk Director 2010 (CD Boot Version) to increase the W7 partition so that more of the SSD space is available? Any hidden issues I should be aware of? As you can probably tell this is my first venture into the SSD world. Help would be much appreciated.

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When performing a Disk Option restore to a larger drive using versions 2011 or 2010 or 2009,
the results will differ based on the type of method or version you use for the restore procedure.
A disk option restore is where you checkmark either the disk option; or checkmark all partitons including the MBR/Track0.
Example 1:
If you want the target to maintain the same partititon sizes and the new extra space to remain unallocated,
you can achieve these results by using
2009 9796 Bootable Media Rescue CD
2010 7046 Bootable Media Rescue CD created by install version

Example 2:
If you want all partitons on the new disk to be proportionally increased with no remaining unallocated space.
User had no control over which partitions were resized or how space allocated as the space assignment is automatic.
Applicable to:
2011 All Windows installed versons
2011 All Rescue CD's including the ISO Bootable media download
2010-7046 Windows installed version
2010 ISO Bootable Media Rescue download CD

New TIH Disk option Restore procedures
results in unwanted partition expansion and wasted space




TI Created


System 28 mb 199 mb 620 mb 421 mb
Local (Win-7) 28 GB 135 GB 422 GB  
Recovery 11 GB  14 GB  42 GB  28 GB
HP Tools  11 mb 103 mb 332 mb 229 mb

The above is the results of using 2011-3055 and restoring a 160GB drive onto a blank 500 GB drive using the disk restore (disk view) option.

Example 3:
When moving to a larger drive, if the user wants to control which partitions are kept the same size and which partitions are enlarged, the Disk option restore (disk view) must NOT be used.

For manual control of partition resizing, user must either restore/resize all partition manually (in one pass). or, accept the TrueImage changes and later use a partition utility to correct the mis-assignment of space.

The number of partitions will affect the nuisance value of restoring the partitions individually. The more partitions involved, the more complexity in resizing multi partitions.

The purpose of this posting is to make users aware of the differences between the TrueImage Home versions on how a "Disk option" restore is processed.

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Thanks for the response and additional information. I took the easy way out and just let Windows Disk Manager extend the partition to it's Maximum capacity. Everything seems to work as it should so I'm happy for now.