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[RESOLVED] Program blocked due to compatibility issues

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Installation Error Msg: Acronis True Image is incompatible with this version of Windows. I have a new computer running Windows 7. Program will not install. What to do?

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Greetings Gordon Peay,

Thank you for joining us on our Forum. I appreciate your taking the time to post your questions on here.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused on your side. Kindly allow me to help resolve your installation issue.

The error message you received seems to be strange indeed, and therefore, could you please try to run the installation in Compatibility Mode. Please follow the below steps to properly perform this:

1) Right-click on your copy of the Acronis True Image Home 2012 installation file. Select Properties to see a new window appear.

2) Select the Compatibility tab from the available options, and under Compatibility Mode, check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for:

3) Choose Windows Vista as the operating system of our choice, and hit OK.

You may also see Microsoft's short video tutorial for more details.

From hereon, you may run Acronis True Image Home 2012 once again, and see if the issue persists. In case the issue stills persists, could you please take a screenshot of the error message in a clearly displayed manner, so that we may proceed with the diagnostic information to be able to provide you with a more appropriate solution. As a note, you may attach the screenshot with your following post.

Please kindly notify me of any updates as you perform the simple steps above and following your attempts to install the product in question.

Should you have any additional questions or issues, please do let me know. Additionally, as you are eligible for support, you may read through our Knowledge Base article and Customer's Handbook, and contact Acronis Customer Central for additional assistance.

Best regards,


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Looks like you are installing not Home 2012, but some older version, Home 2009 or Home 11.0 ( not 2011). 2010 and after are compatible with Windows 7, early versions are not.

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Thank you Volcan. Followed your instructions, system is installed. Gordon