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Restore FROM Bitlocker enabled External USB drive

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I have been forever backing up my (non Bitlocker) hard drive to my Bitlocker enabled external USB drive. Now's the time for a restore and after selecting the backup and commencing the restore, after reboot, I'm getting a message saying the drive containing my backup cannot be found/read. I'm guessing it's because the Acronis Restore cannot recognise the external drive because I'm not in the OS yet and it's because the OS contains the Bitlocker key?

What is the solution for this (other than disabling bitlocker on the drive in question)?



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Nadim, what version of Acronis True Image do you have?

See KB 56619: Acronis True Image: compatibility with BitLocker for more information on this topic.

The MVP Custom PE Builder script tool can inject BitLocker support into custom WinPE rescue media created by ATI 2018 and above but you would still need to unlock the encryption before ATI could access the backup images stored on your drive.

You would need to create a small batch command file to do the unlock using the options needed for the manage-bde command.

rem Unlock BitLocker protected drive from WinPE
manage-bde -unlock d: -rk BitLockerRecoveryKey.txt

rem manage-bde -unlock d: -rp 646635-114961-231099-277860-386144-683056-530211-438922

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Thanks will try that