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Restore file from Acronis Home 2013 .tib to Linux computer w/o Acronis

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I have a computer running Windows 8.1 that I backup regularly with Acronis Home 2013. I am on an extended trip away from that computer, but I have access to a full backup and 3 subsequent incremental backups.

I need access to a single file from the backup, but there are no Acronis projects install on the laptop I have with me while away. I usually run Ubuntu 16.04 on the laptop, but I also have a small Windows 10 partition.

Is there any way to access the .tib archive files to extract the file I need?

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JA, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry but you will need to have access to either the Windows ATI installed software or to Acronis Rescue media (on CD or USB stick) in order to extract any files from a .tib backup archive.

If you have access to the backup files on a remote computer, do you also have remote desktop access to that same computer (using such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk or VNC etc)?  If you have such access then you could extra the file remotely then transfer it to your laptop.

Note: the Acronis Rescue Media is a bootable media and whilst it has some network support, I very much doubt you could use it to access a remote archive file across the internet.