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Restore issue

Thread needs solution
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I don't recycle my HD's. When my HD is I full insert a new one. It's not major, and it seems the transition works well enough. I wait until I've completed my typical number of incremental BU's before I change. The next BU on the new drive is always a full BU regardless, so there no reason for a restore to look back to any previous version. I even give the new BU series a new name.

Typical: Full BU, Inc 01, Inc 02, etc.

I may eventually use some of my older HD's. I really don't want to debate this practice and would like to focus on the issue at hand.

Every once in a while I'll need to BU one or two files. Even though I have a complete BU series loaded Acronis wants to find every backup I've ever made going back to when Eve bit the apple. This issue made it impossible access my latest BU.

This is just ridiculous. As soon as I get these files restored I’m dumping Acronis.

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Hello Nathan Lanni,

sorry to know about your disappointment with the software! In the latest versions of Acronis True Image, the auto-discovery of backups should be turned off (except under a bootable media).