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Restore to new machine

Thread needs solution
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I have a backup of a Lenovo T410 which contained lots of important software for programming radio transceivers. 

the backup is the 2011 version of true image and the backup file is on an external disk. 

the laptop hard drive has failed so the question is, can I install this backup to a toshiba all in one device or will it screw up bios etc. 

the toshiba has windows 10 already 






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Robert, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please see KB 19296: Acronis products cannot be used to transfer applications to different system or upgrade OS

If the original Lenovo laptop is still working but just has a failed hard drive, then you would be best restoring the backup image to a new laptop drive in that machine, not attempt to restore this to your Toshiba AIO PC - it would wipe out Windows 10 on the latter and is unlikely to produce a working system due to the significant differences, especially if the Lenovo is using a much older version of Windows such as XP or even 7.