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Restore from partial tib

Thread needs solution
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Good day,

We have an incremental backup (part of a series, where the rest is accidentally deleted, only 1 file left).
This partial backup from a sersies is 30% of what the whole backup-size should be, so the chances seem
quite good to find a file that we miss (only 1 file we need) in there. So it is missing part 1 of the backup series.
When i mount this file, it cannot mount it as a file-station with drive-letter (probably because its part of a series)

My question: is it possible in any way to get files out of this partial backup? 

Thank you,

Rudy, HangOn
p.s. acronis true image 2014 premium

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Rudy, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but recovery from one incremental file out of a chain of such files is impossible without having all the previous files in the chain.

Any incremental file just contains the changes detected since the previous file was created and this can just be changes at a disk sector level, not whole files.

You would need to try to recover the initial full backup file plus all the incremental files that follow the full up to the file you have to be able to attempt a recovery.

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Ditto to Steve.  Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the incremental scheme as a backup technology - not Acronis. You'll find the same limitation of the incremental backup scheme in all products.  Regardless of the scheme (incremental or differential), you always need the original full as it is the base reference for all subsequent incremental or differential backups in that version chain.

Incrementals save time and storage space as they only backup each change since the last backup that ran (whether that be a full or an incremental). The downside is that you must have all versions in the chain (up to the version you want to recover from anyway), in order for it to be successful. 

Differentials take longer and more storage space. However, they are independent of other differentials in the same backup chain so you only need the original full and any of the desired differentials in the chain to recover from.  

Again though, in either case, you always need the original full as well.