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Restoring a boot drive from an Intel machine onto a new AMD machine

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I'm building a new AMD system. Are there any limitations on transferring (restoring) a disk backup created for an Intel machine? 

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The big gotcha will be driver issues, which is where Universal restore may be needed.

If the PC is running Windows 10, then you are less likely to have issues when restoring to an AMD system. There can be licencing problems when restoring to a different system. If the new PC has/comes with Windows installed, then provided it is for the same version of Windows (for example Windows 10 x64 pro), then provided you activate the Windows installation before doing the recovery, Windows licence issues will be avoided. You may have other software installed that object to the moving to the new hardware.

There is a recent post describing issues with restoring to an new AMD system because the necessary AMD raid drivers were not present. As you are using ATI 2015, the Linux recovery media may not support M.2 drives, so you would need to create WinPE recovery media.