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Scheduled Backups

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Prior to ATI,  I performed backups then physically disconnected the drive from PC and power supply to avoid loss of data with unexpected failures.  Wishing to use the scheduled backup feature that ATI offers, is there anything in the program which would make me less concerned about unexpected failures?  Running ATI Home v. 11.0 (Build 8,101).  Thanks for any reassuring words ...

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The best solution is to backup to both internal and external drives and to keep at least one current backup offsite.

You would probably want to schedule the backups to the internal drive and then do manual backups to the external drive(s). You could also copy your TIB files from your internal drive to an external drive (I would validate the copies).

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Theere isn't much in hte program to protect you from unextpected failures. Some simple kinds of probs, say, running out of disk space, aTi will detect and ask you to make room, then it will continue by making an inc file for the rest of the backup.  Almost any interruption will result in a backup file that will not validate.


Mudcrab's advice, as usual, is very good advice.