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Should I change the inode size?

Thread needs solution
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I use Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 on dual boot (installed on separate SSDs)

ATI 2020 is installed on Windows 10 and I make an image of the whole computer

In an article on (I am not allowed to paste links) they recommend changing the inode size from 256 (which I indeed have on the system) to 128 and they refer explicitly to Acronis. However, the article is a few years old. Maybe there were any improvements since then? I am not familiar with what inode exactly is and don't want to mess things up.



If yes, should I change it on all Linux partitions I have (root, home, swap, boot)?



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Walter, inodes only apply to Linux file systems and ATI 2020 is a Windows application with no direct relationship to inode sizes other than supporting the listed Linux file systems such as EXT2/3/4.

Personally, I have never changed any default settings for any Linux installations I have, I let the Linux installer decide what such sizes should be, trusting that it knows far better than I do what values should be used.