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Solved: Missing Button to "Wake Up the sleeping/hibernating Computer" on Schedule

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First, I'd like to say that when Acronis Tech finally gets around to answering this question I sent them with my 30 days of free support, it will probably be expired. Thanks guys!

I searched the forums for a solution for why the option to "Wake Up the sleeping/hibernating Computer" on the schedule's advanced options page was missing, but none of the discussions ever seemed to conclude with a real solution.

While searching the Windows Seven forums - great forum! ( for another issue I tripped over this. It appears that this option only exists in ATIH 2011 if the current power scheme of the PC has the option "Allow Wake Timers" enabled. When enabled, the button exists, when disabled (the default) the button is missing. Here's how to enable it on Windows 7:

- Go into Control Panel / Power Options
- Choose "Change Plan Settings" for the active power plan
- Then choose "Change advanced power settings" lower-left on this page.
- Then expand "Sleep" and then expand "Allow wake timers"
- From here choose to Enable for both Battery and Plugged In (if that's what you want, I did)
- Once this is saved and you then review the ATIH 2011 advanced schedule options, the wake option button should return.

I'm not sure who to point the finger at for this issue? Should Acronis present the button at all times? Maybe the O/S won't let them? Who knows.

Be sure to enable the option for any other power schemes you use if that's appropriate.


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Thanks for this post.
I have been frustrated with the "Missing" button for months.

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Thanks very much. I couldn't figure out why my new computer wasn't running its backup at night. ;->