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Starting Acronis Loader hangs up

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I recently installed ATI 2013 on Win7Pro 64bit.Dell 9020 machine. The install seemed to go without problems. I registered / activated ATI and I used the PC for a couple days with no problems. Later I burned a ATI Bootable Media CD. Now when I start the PC it goes through the POST as normal then I get a message on screen "Starting Acronis Loader" followed by a string of ASCII characters. First I started PC with the CD drive empty and I got that message. Next I started PC with the ATI Bootable Media CD inserted and I got the same message. Then I started PC with the original ATI CD inserted and I got the same message but with a different string of ASCII. Finally I tried to start the PC while pressing F8 (thinking I could get the Windows Rescue Menu and get into Safe Mode) but the Acronis Loader apparently starts before the Windows Recovery Menu. Anyway, I got that first Acronis Loader message again. Can someone help please?

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Glenn, welcome to these public User Forums.

The Acronis Loader message on start should only be present if you have either enabled the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (ASRM) and pressed the F11 key to invoke it, or else if you have Acronis Rescue Media present and defaulting in the BIOS to boot from that device ahead of Windows.

Just installing ATI 2013 (or other versions of the same) should not cause ASRM to be enabled nor make any changes to your disk Master Boot Record (MBR).

See KB 38965: Acronis Products: Cannot Boot Windows 8 Secure Boot Machines with Acronis Loader - which suggests there was a problem in early versions of ATI 2013 which was fixed in later ones, but not sure that this is relevant here?

Have you tried doing a full computer shutdown, including disconnecting from power and holding the power button to drain any residual power?

How does your computer boot from BIOS, is this a Legacy / MBR boot, or is it UEFI / GPT.

For Legacy boot, the BIOS would show the actual Disk drive as the boot device.

For UEFI boot, the BIOS would show the "Windows Boot Manager" as the boot device.

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Thank you Steve