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Thread needs solution
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The primary drive that I have Windows 10 installed on is a 2TB hard drive. I have a HP Z800. It is populated with five 4TB hard drives. I have run out of space and will need to replace all the hard drives with ones of larger capacity.

I have the TIB of this partition. I do I run the restore of this TIB so that I have access to, and can view, the whole 5TB hard drive? It's the Windows 2TB limitation that I need to work with so that I have a 5TB hard drive with Windows 10 running on it.

If this note makes sense please let me know how to do this.


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The 2TB only applies if the disk use MBR rather than GPT. To boot from a GPT drive the PC must be set up to use UEFI rather than Legacy/BIOS. You select Windows Boot Manager as the boot device rather than a particular disk to boot from.