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TIH2011 My encryption Key and Backup Settings are saved in Registry - can he decrypt into Plain?

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I forgott my plain encryption key. But i have the Key stored in my standart Backup - Settings, he is be located encryptet in the Registry (look at pics). When i make new Backups there will be encryptet with my forgotten Key.

Is there a Way to decrypt the Key from the Registry into Plain? Or can i Read them from Memory when i start a new Backup ?


PS: OS Windows XP SP3 without Internet

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Welcome to these User Forums.

You would need to ask Acronis if they have any method for decrypting the password encryption key as stored in your Windows Registry?  I do not know of any such method and Acronis have stated previously that only the User can know what the password key is.

If you want to stop ATI from creating new encrypted backups with your forgotten password, then you need to untick the 'Einstellungen als Standard speichern' box shown in your settings image.

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Hello boltes,

Unfortunately, we won't be able to help in this case - the purpose of archive encryption is that no one even Acronis staff can get access to your data. 

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Hello Ekaterina,

on the weekend i found a little time and extracted the password with a kernel-mode debugger.

Small tip: The number of points in the dialog-box (TIH2011_dialogbox.PNG) matches the number of characters in the password :-).