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True Image 2014 Cloning - target 3Tb disk shows as 746Gb

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Would appreciate any help tonight.

Trying to clone my daughter's laptop hard disk 500Gb to a new 3Tb Seagate.

Plugged in new hard drive into usb caddy

In True Image Home 2014 - clone disk option (automatic)

Destination disk (3Tb) shown as Not Initialized 746.5 Gb Generic External 2.10 USB

I was assuming it would see the 3TB size ?

Is it ok to clone - and then I can increase c:\ to take up the 2.8Tb ? when I've switched the disks over?


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Joseph, welcome to these User Forums.

Please see forum topic: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this

Depending on your laptop BIOS type, you may be limited to a maximum size of 2TB if this only supports Legacy / MBR drives.  UEFI / GPT is needed to support drives larger than 2TB size.

I would strongly recommend making a full disk & partitions backup before attempting to clone.