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True Image 2015 crashes every time I click on our backup settings

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I was trying to check our backup scheme settings yesterday and noticed that every time I click on our configured backup settings the app crashes.  True Image 2015 was just recently re-installed because it removed all of our configured backups for some reason.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Aaron, welcome to these public User Forums.

What is the build number for ATI 2015 that you have installed here?  This is shown either in the Account information or else in the Help > About area of the app.

The final build for 2015 was #6613.

Are you able to create a new backup task of the same type that gives the crash?  If yes, can you go back into that new task and check the configured settings?

If a new task works correctly and doesn't give this issue, then it would suggest that the original task has become corrupted, so you should use the option to Remove the task from the list of tasks, then use the option to 'Add existing backup' to select the most recent backup file, after which you would need to reconfigure the task again.