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True Image 2015 - Sends email notifications every 10 minutes

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Hi there.

Recently I upgraded the pc (where true image 2015 Build 6613 is installed) from Windows 7 Professional x64 to Windows 10. At the same time I replaced the old SSD with a bigger one. After that I had to delete the backup job and created a new one. The old job was set to send email notifications after a backup job is done. The new job is set the same but I used a different email account. The new job works fine and sends email notifications after running the daily backup job. But I am receiving email notifications from the old (deleted) job about every 10 minutes with subject "Ausführung fehlgeschlagen" (German for job failed).

Please can some tell me how to get True Image stop sending email notifications for a job thats deleted since two weeks. :-)


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Woly, I would suggest downloading the Acronis Scheduler Manager tool and using this to remove all scheduled task entries on your PC which should stop this error activity for the deleted backup task.

Run the schedmgr.exe (standalone program) which will open up a black command prompt type window.  See link in my signature.

Type in the command:  task zap

The zap command will remove all scheduled entries, so after doing this, go back into the main ATI GUI and set the schedule for your new backup task / job to how you want it.

One further check you can make is to open the C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Scripts folder and check how many .tib.tis files are shown there.  You should only have one of these XML script configuration files for the new backup task.  You can open these files in Notepad to see the name of the task which is shown near the top of the text file.  If you see a script file for the old task, delete it.

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Thanks. That really helped! :-)