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true image 2019 + win 11 - core isolatin issue with driver

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have you updated driver of true image 2019 - to work with win11 correctly? ie at the moment there is an issue with Core isolation ... see attachment.




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This is a known issue and only resolved by Acronis in the latest build 40107 version of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office which now offers a Custom Install option where users can now elect not to install the 'Try&Decide tool' feature (which brings the tib.sys driver to Windows).

For users of older versions of Acronis, see forum topic: Incompatible Driver(s): tib.sys? | Acronis Forum for information on how to circumvent the issue by renaming tib.sys to such as tib.~sys or by removing the associated registry entry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\tib

Note: you may need to do a Safe mode start of Windows to action the above options.