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True Image Home 2014 - no backup encryption?

Thread needs solution
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I am using True Image Home 2011 and 2013 and quite happy with it but am forced to use 2014 on a Windows 10 machine and can't find the backup encryption settings for File Backup. Did they do away with that?

I usually password lock and encrypt my backups at AES 256 level, can't seem to find that feature in 2014.

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Al, welcome to these User Forums.

Please see the ATI 2014 User Guide: Backup protection which shows that this option is still available in this version, as it is in all others too.

I do not have any systems with ATI 2014 on so cannot provide a screen image of where exactly the option is found but should be somewhere within the Backup Options as that is the section of the User Guide that describes it.