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True Image WD Edition - installation problem with a WD Drive?

Thread needs solution
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I have a Windows XP Professional on a Lenovo T410 laptop.
My Lenovo HAS a WD drive model number WD3200BEKT and the drive works fine.

Issue occurs attempting to download and install the free version of Acronis software from the WD site.
I download the software fine, it's when I doubleclick the executable, tih_s_e_14157.exe, it starts the Windows Installer and then the Acronis software checks to see if there is a WD drive on the laptop.

I then receive:
"To install this product, at least one Western Digital drive should be installed in your system. You can purchase an upgrade to Acronis True Image Home Edition by visiting"

I have contacted Western Digital Support and was referred to Tier Level 2 support.
Tier level 2 then stated I should contact Acronis, as the coding to prohibit installation of Acronis unless a WD Drive is present was done by Acronis.

Is anyone aware of how I can get this software installed, see attached for the error showing the WD present in the Hardware screen while receiving the error from Acronis.

Thank You !

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Besitzen Sie eine externe USB-Festplatte WD Elements?

Wenn Ja, wurde schon versucht, die True Image WD Edition mit einer angeschlossenen externen WD HDD zu installieren?


Do you own a external USB WD Elements HDD?

If Yes, have you tried, install the True Image WD Edition with plugged external WD HDD?

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Hi G!

Thanks...I did try this idea.

See attached, same issue.

But...Thanks for the thoughts!

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Have you ever had any other version of True Image installed on your laptop?

It is possible that both WD and Seagate have upgraded their version of TIH as I notice you are getting a 2011 error message, whereas the special editions were at one time reworked versions of TI9 2009.

The news you don't want to hear, is I suspect that WD are the people who should be solving this as it's their badged product to their specifications.

Are there any similar problems reported on the WD user forum?

I'm wondering if the problem is your WD drives are newer than the database of WD items that TIH knows about. The other ponderable is that some Lenovos use a non standard sector arrangement, but I wouldn't have thought that TIH WD Edition would look at that for installation purposes.

Maybe Acronis might be able to persuade WD to resolve your problem.

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Hi Colin,

No, I had never even heard of Acronis before this.

I've searched everywhere and have posted similar post on WD.

Unfortunately no one 'official' from the Acronis area have spoken up, but, thanks for the assistance!


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So, for the record, I fought with the same issue for 12 hours over 2 days before I stumbled on the solution to my problem.

In my case it turns out that not all USB to SATA adapters return the necessary information.  I was using a new one-piece Apricon (4.0?) USB to SATA adapter and no matter what I would do I would get that error.

I happened to try the old Apricon (2.0) externally powered USB to SATA / PATA adapter and I had no problems seeing that it was a WD drive and getting the software installed.

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Richard, thank you for sharing this information about the USB to SATA adapter.