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TrueImage 2013, Windows 10 and updates

Thread needs solution
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i'm happily running TI 2013 on Windows 10 - and it's doing just what I need it t0 (backing up ad, if necessary, restoring files)

BUT when I respond to the "an update is available" prompt, TI starts an install dialog, but after a couple of minutes just hangs and I have to either reboot or use Task Manager to kill the task

Anyone have any ideas what might be up?

Last time I cancelled the update I ended up with a TI that would not run and spent a couple of days trying to get it back to the point it was at before! So I am unsure about whether to try again

Also, do I need to run the upgrade as an Admin? Do I need to turn off my anti-virus??

Thanks all for any suggestions :)

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Phil, welcome to these public User Forums.

ATI 2013 is not supported for being installed / used on Windows 10 so you are lucky to even get it to run at all.

The first release they supported was ATI 2015.

See KB 56196: Windows 10 support in Acronis products

All versions of ATI should be run with Administrator authority in order to work correctly.