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Try and Decide and Securom (in games like Wolfenstein)

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In the Try and Decide Mode: when I install a game like Wolfenstein 2009 with Securom, will Securom be still on the hard disk after restarting the pc with the option "Discard changes"?

Securom is a rootkit and I don't want that remaining on my hard disk after trying this game.

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Hello TheJoker,

Thank you for choosing Acronis Disk Backup Software.

If your rootkit was on HDD before you started Try & Decide - program will leave it as is. But if your game itself is infected by rootkit - our program will discard all changes (including malware infection).

Try & Decide tracks changes since moment when you start it.

Please keep in mind that full information about Try&Decide is available in 7 chapter of User's Guide, which can be downloaded here.

Thank you.