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Unable to check the Do not delete the first version of the backup box.

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I'm setting my disc backup options and under the backup scheme tab I'm unable to turn on the "Do not delete the first version of the backup".

Thank-you in advance.

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Could you please provide a screen shot?

What image/backup scheme have you selected?

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I am using Acronis 2014. When I select the "Disk and Partition backup", and the backup scheme "Version Chain Scheme" it shows a lock on the first full backup in the graphic. When I select "File Backup" and Version Change Scheme the first Backup does not show the lock and things just shuffle along, and I see no place to select "Do not Delete the first version of the backup in that dialog tab, or any of the taps in that dialog in either the Disk back or File Backup. The only thing close is "Backup reserve copy" on another tab but that is something else.

Here are the two different screen shots.

Seems inconsistent and just plain wrong. . .


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My suggetion would be to cease to use your existing backup task and create a new task with a CUSTOM/INCREMENTAL backup scheme with Automatic Cleanup with the option "Store no more than X recnet chains". Look at the example below. You can change the 6 and 4 in the examples to whatever you need.

This combination of options enables you to keep or not keep the original backup and also proviedes tht the program will automatically deleted the old backups when the number of backups reaches the user set threshold of the number to keep. Do read the text examples which accompany the illustration.

I do NOT recommend that you try editing the existing task as the changes are rarely what the user expects and usually editing just delays the the eventual creation of a new task anyway.

Figure 11-Inc: Example of custom/incremental backup method settings
If using incremental type backups (which is full + X Inc), the 11-Inc is my recommended method. Change the 6 or 4 to fit your available storage.
These automatic cleanup settings will provide for automatic deletion of the oldest backups after the "Store no more than X number of chains" quota has been reached.
In this example, deletion of oldest backup will occur immediately following creation of backup #29.

Allow space for 1 more full backup in addition to "Store no more than X number of chains" as the program will NOT delete the oldest full until its replacement has been successfully created.

In this example, one chain or one recent version chain =1 full plus 6 inc or 7 files per chain.
If keeping 4 recent version chains (4 chains of 7 each) retention would be 28 files. Deletion of oldest chain will occur after backup 29 (full).

Also understand the limitations/risk factor of incremental backups.
If one inc backups gets corrupt or accidentally deleted, all newer inc are worthless so avoid excessive number of incremental backups. Always maintain a full backup set which are current This explains why keeping a reasonable number of x "recent version chains" can be very important. Keeping a high number of incremental is a high risk factor to your backup data and should be avoided.
For a better understanding of the differences between Inc and Dif as it relates to the safety factor, review this link.

When restoring an Incremental backup, select the specific Inc file to be restored and all preceding Incremental files plus the full backup base must be present and will be restored (multiple files required).

This next link could be helpful and there are additonal links inside that link.

For more information about task creating, click on signature link 2 below.