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Unable to restore backup from a version of Acronis True Image Home11.

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I made a file backup of some documents , music, pictures, etc. to an external hard drive. The source drive was on an HP laptop that would not boot into windows. I completed the backup of the files to a tib file with no noticeable errors. When I go begin to restore these files I get an error that says this is not the last backup file. I did not have another file. The file size of the tib is large enough to be all of the files needed to restore. Is there anyway to retrieve  these files from my backup tib file that was created?

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Danny, welcome to these public User Forums.

How did you create the backup image for the non-booting laptop?
Did you boot from a rescue CD or USB stick, or connect the drive to another computer?

What version of ATI was used to create the backup image?
Are you using the same version to try to open the file?

ATI 11.0 is very old and it has been well over 10 years since I last went anywhere near to that version!