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Unable to successfully create a bootable disk from image

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I've been evaluating the Seagate Backup and recovery tool (powered by Acronis) trying to determine if I should recommend a purchase to my boss. Here's the scenario. I create a fresh install of OS and POS (Point of Sale) software on a machine and then once it's thoroughly tested and functional I use the Seagate/ Acronis powered disk back software to create an image backup. This process runs to completion with no errors. I am left with an image file which I burn to a DVD. Then, I connect a formatted Seagate Barracuda IDE drive to my HDD Enclosure and commence a restore from the image. When I complete the restore (no errors) I put the disk I just restored to in the PC and attempt to boot. It gets to the post screen and the HDD starts clicking loudly and will proceed no further. It displays an error "No Bootable disk found". I then take this same HDD and re-image it using the traditional method (feeding numerous DVD's) and it works just fine. I've re-tried this using several different target HDD's for the image restore, and I get the same problem each time. One of the target HDD's is the exact same size as the HDD the image came from, the other two are larger, but they all produce the same error.

Any advise on how to make this image restore work would be helpful in my completing an successful evaluation of this software.