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Uninstalling FAILS

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I am not able to unstall the trial version.

When I use Windows 7 Uninstall or Change control panel, I get the following error message:

"You do not have sufficient access to uninstall Acronis True Image Home 2012. Please contact your system administrator."

The problem is I AM the administrator.

When I use the installer and select remove installation, it reports that uninstalling was successful but after a reboot, True Image Home is still installed.

I looked in the registry and found that all entries pertaining to Acronis True Image Home 2012 lists the paths using a "?" instead of a ":". for instance "C?/program files/...." instead of "C:/program files/...."

Please tell me how to uninstall this product. I am no longer interested in using it.

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Run the installer program with Admin permissions (right click and select 'Run as Administrator'), from there use the uninstall option shown.

Even though you are the administrator, I've found unless you are using the built in Windows Administrator account, you will sometimes need to use the right click option.

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It does this even from Control Panel; must be the first ever application that cannot be un-installed via Control Panel. The un-installer should elevate as required. This is an Acronis bug (just another one of many), not a problem with Windows.

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No, I've noticed this kind of issue with a number of other programs. Definitely a twist in the Vista and w7 OSes. Whether it will do this with a program depends more on how the program behaves-- e.g., if it uses low level drivers -- than on general programming qualities.