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unspecific error when starting acronis true image 2014

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When starting Acronis true image 2014, I get an rather unspecific error message:


What can I do?

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Peket, welcome to these User Forums.

From your screen image, you are running ATIH 2014 on Windows 10 which is not supported as documented in KB 56196: Windows 10 support in Acronis products which states:

Older versions of Acronis products 
Support of Windows 10 will not be implemented into older versions of Acronis products (e.g. Acronis True Image 2014 or older, Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 or older, Acronis Snap Deploy 4 or older), as Acronis development team works on the current versions only. Stable functioning of older products on Windows 10 is not guaranteed.

If you have been running ATIH 2014 on your Windows 10 computer without issue previously, then you could try doing a Repair of the software - to do this, download the last 2014 installer program from your Acronis account and install this (as Administrator) over the top of your current software.

Note: You may need to Stop the Program Compatibility Assistance Service to get Windows 10 to allow you to try to install ATIH 2014 again.