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Use an Acronis backup as a system restore point.

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I maintain a full backup (image) of my C drive. If, however, I were to be in need of a "system restore" that is normally available through Windows (let's say that a recent Windows update is problematic and I need to return my system to before the update), can I do that with Acronis? Or, do I have to restore the entire C drive using my most recent working Acronis backup image? I'd like not to have to restore the entire C drive, just the broken part.

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Richard, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but your Acronis backup cannot be used as a system restore point - you would need to recover either the entire drive or at least the C: OS partition of that drive.

This is a good reason to keep your C: partition to just hosting the Windows OS & applications, and store your user data (documents, photos, music etc) on a different partition on the drive, or a separate drive is able to have multiple drives connected.

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Thanks for that insight Steve. I really should separate my C into OS and Docs like you said.