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Use a Network Drive

Thread needs solution
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So, tech support, though very diligent in attempting to help, says this problem can't be solved. Here's the deal. I have a router that has a USB port that allows be to attach a hard drive. I'd like to use that hard drive to store my True Image backup image, etc. because then I don't have to have the hard drive sitting on my desk. Unfortunately, True Image errors out every time I try to do this. Tech support says it can't do this because it requires a location to store information that is always on. This location is always on, but it still won't work. Thoughts?

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Will it successfully backup to a network share on another computer connected to the router? This would verify that the network itself is functioning correctly.

If you save the backup locally and then copy it to the USB drive on the router, can TI successfully validate it?

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Though I haven't been able to check if it can back up to another computer (there's only mine connected to the router), I can plug in a USB drive and backup information to that (using a different program of course), so it's not that the network is not working.

I can't backup locally because I don't have the space on my computer. That's why I bought the big ol' hard drive.

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I too have a USB drive hung off my router.
When I do backups on my laptop its done wirelessly onto that USB device.
The above is not a fast means to perform a backup but I like doing it this way because its super easy.
When I want a backup I simply plug in the laptop to house current and leave bugger on over night.
When I wake up in the morning the backup will be done.

The above setup used to fail constantly. So much so I was about to abandon all hope with acronis.
About 3 months ago discovered a solution and have never had a failure since.

Here's what I did (there may another way to accomplish the same thing but I'm giving you what I did).

Find the folder where acronis stores its ".tis" files on my system (xp-sp3) its here:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Scripts\

now figure out which of these horribly named ".tis" files is the one which is for your backup job.
HINT: the date of the ".tis" file changes each time the job runs. Hence if you know when your backup was last attempted you can figure out which ".tis"file is the one you want.

use notepad and edit this ".tis" file
find the param "network_timeout" and increase its seting.
On my system network timeout was set to "5" I change that to 75 and have never had an issue since.


Hope this helps.

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That was an interesting
Question: If I have 10 backup jobs, I need to chage the timeout in each one and every new one that is created ??
Is there a system setting in acronis that can be set to default to a timeout of 75 ??
I assume you are taling about TIH 2010 ? Is the problem the same in 2011 ?

Many Thanks


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There may be a more user friendly means to accomplish the solution however I am unaware of how to use the GUI to do so.
As for which version I did this on - yes my solution was implemented in 2010. I was part of the 2011 beta but have since un-installed the beta.
Later in Sept I will install 2011 for real.

If someone has 2011 maybe they can confirm the params presence.

For now, do NOT know a means to change this param globally - neither for existing jobs nor for new jobs.
So for now, when/if I define new backup jobs over the network (particularly to this usb device) I need to remember to perform the hand notepad edit described.

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Wow, great idea. I am going to try it over the weekend. Not to ask what might be a stupid question, but will this work for non-stop backup or just regularly scheduled backups of the .tis file.

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Dyer - I would not know if the solution provided for might also apply to non-stop backups.
However if you try and it works let us know.

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hmmm....might be a problem for non-stop backup because that seems to use a series of folders and not just a .tis file. FYI, I sent Acronis another message asking them to clarify once and for all if there was any way to use a network drive with non-stop backup. I await their response (if I can understand it).

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I encountered the same problem, and posted my problem after a cursory look at the forum for any similar postings. Apparently, I didn't look hard enough. When I examined the posts in detail, I found yours, which seemed to hit the nail on the head. However, I can't understand your comment about finding the ".tis" file which belongs to the job I want. I do full backups a few times each month, and I go through the full process of specifying all the parameters I want and then execute the job. So any ".tis" file I create is for that particular job. How do you manage to creat a ".tis" file which you use every time for the same backup job, which allows you to modify the "network_timeout" setting so it is correct again the next time you do a full backup. I tried to create a "standard" backup job which I could run at will, and I don't see any place where I can do this. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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This was a terrific find. Thanks for the post. I am using this on an older Acronis 9 Echo Ent server and it seems to have done the trick. Cheers!

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I'd like to resurrect this thread as an inquiry if a patch for TIH 2011 has even been made to accommodate this error? The suggestion of deleting and recreating the task for 67 windows xp computers is insane. Granted, I use the Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advanced Workstation for the Windows Vista/7 Machines, but not worth the resources involved into the older XP machines. Just the same editing the .tis is a tad bit tedious as well. The network_timeout should be included within the GUI parameters. I do backup to a NAS drive so this network_timeout error would make sense I suppose. While looking at one machine of 67 .tis file the network_timeout is set for 0. I am sure since same setup as the rest, this would apply to all of them as well. If this change to network_timeout does the trick I would be happy since I am tired of getting 50+ emails saying failed, failed, failed.

ref: Acronis True Image Home 2011 v14.0 Build 6868