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VHD from Tib Files and Virtual Box Anyone tried it

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I have been playing around with converting TIB files to VHD files and using them with VirtualBox

I converted a 78gig Vista TIB file to a VHD file and got a boot error when booking off it in VBox.

Using TI 2010 and VBox 3.0.12

Any tips and suggestions appreciated

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VHD boot isn't straightforward and simple, and is fraught with little "gotchas". I would imagine that the only way that you could successfully boot your VHD file in a VM would be if your Vista TIB file was an image of a guest Vista OS running in VirtualBox, and you had installed TI in the guest OS and used it to create an image of the guest.

For example, if your TIB file was of a physical Windows Vista PC, it would contain all of the drivers needed for that PC's hardware. Trying to boot this in a VM, which has different drivers for its virtual hardware, would not succeed. It's similar to taking an image of PC #1 and restoring it to PC #2, which has entirely different hardware, and then expecting PC #2 to boot correctly.

If I'm not mistaken, the TI 2010 feature that allows you to convert a tib file to a VHD file was intended to be used with Windows 7, which is the first Microsoft consumer OS that can natively boot from VHD files (limited to Win 7 Enterprise and Ultimate versions only).

However, if you have an image of a data partition and you convert that to a VHD file, I don't see any reason that it could not be mounted in a VM and opened. That is worth an experiment if you don't mind...

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Thanks KOLO

I will have a play around and do some more research. Something new to look at

I have Vbox hosted on Win 7 Premium

I have a XpSp3 vdi that I boot from VirtualBox. I created a new virtual machine in VBox .vdi and then installed Xp to it. Am going to do the same with Vista and Win 7

I was hoping to see if I could boot from a VHD just to see if it could be done. I get to the Vista first image screen then obviously have problems- it prompts for "Repair" - may try that

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The way you would need to do it, is to image it, create new Virtual Machine and use the universal restore to restore to that Virtual Machine - but as you can see from this: I haven't gotten that to work yet either.