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Vista boot delay before login screen

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After installing TI Home 2009, build 9796, I experience a boot delay after the "Microsoft Corporation" banner appears.  I see a blank screen for 2 minutes before the login screen appears.  When I resored the computer to before the TI installation, the delay went to 9 seconds.  Any ideas?

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Did you reboot the computer multiple times after installing TI and have this delay happen each time or did you only reboot one time?

What kinds of drives are connected to your computer (IDE, SATA, media card readers, etc.)?

If you tried the previous build (9,709), did it exibit the same problem?

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Multiple reboots.  I did not try the previous build.  Actually, I have some more information that I posted in another discussion:

I had the same problem a couple of days ago.  I was a little more lucky.  My delay was only 2 minutes after the "Microsoft Corporation" banner and before the login screen.  But I had noticed something else that was odd in this respect.  I had just had to do an fresh install of Vista x64 because I had tried to create an Acronis Secure Zone, which crashed my OS.  I installed an additional hard drive for backups before trying to re-install TI again.  I created one image, then did two Windows updates and then created another image.  Normally I don't sit around and wait for the computer to boot up.  So it was a couple of days later that I noticed the 2 minute delay.  I first tried uninstalling the Windows updates.  That didn't help.  When I uninstalled TI, the delay went away.  Now it becomes more strange.  When I went back to the first image, done before the Windows updates, there was essentially no delay.  When I went to put back the two Windows update, only one was available.  When I first did the Windows update, one was labeled "important" and the other was "recommended".  The recommended update did not appear as an option.  Could this update have had some interaction with TI?