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Warning: don't abort an image restore

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A warning for everyone with a multi-boot system and maybe for all other users too: never abort an image restore. I did that during testing and it took a few (and certainly not "happy") hours before I finally had found why Windows didn't start anymore.

 After aborting the image restore of drive D:, I started a new restore. The first problem (or inconvenience) was the confusing situation that the drive seems to be missing. In fact, the drive's label is missing, the other drive letters are moved (up) and at the end there is a free part. After restoring the right image to that last part, booting XP (at drive D:) failed immediately with a message that "<win....>\system32\hal.dll" was missing. Restoring "MBR and track 0" and trying other backups did not help. However, looking in DOS mode and after booting from the first partition (with Win98), the whole drive looks OK (including file hal.dll). Well, the problem was that file boot.ini contained the reference "default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\windows" and the partition number should be 2.

 Note. It's possible that restoring would have been a snap IF I had first restored "MBR and track 0". As I wrote, I've done that but probably not before the first reboot.


Credits  :-)

Thanks to Microsoft for this (automatic) attempt to correct a failure situation wrongly (I would suggest: warn only and don't modify the boot.ini).

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