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Where to download ISO-files?

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I can find in the forum the following of an Acronis Moderator:

"Please download ISO image from your account under Registered Products and create Acronis bootable disc using third-party software."

Now on going there (registered products) I can't see any option to create such a bootable disk (ISO-file). The only thing there, are just EXE-files of all registered products (for downloading). Nothing other. So where are the ISO-files?


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If the program has an ISO file available, it should be on the Bootable Media tab for the program.

What version of TI do you have? TI 2009 should have an ISO file. TI 9, 10 and 11 probably won't.

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The TI2009 ISO file is there under BOOTABLE.  I got it today and wow!  It gives 8 boot choices - don't understand them all, but #1 did my clone job of a Win 7 drive perfectly in only 5 minutes!  Then it booted right up.  Good move Acronis!

I also downloaded the build 9796 .exe file and updated my installed TI2009 in XP/SP3.  It also creates an ISO file, but much less pretentious.