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Windows 10 tells me Acronis True Image 2010 "This Ap does not work on this version"

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I had Acronis True Image 2010 installed on my Windows 10 machine [HP-G60 laptop] and Microsoft updated the operating system to Windows 10.  Yesterday when I tried to run ATI-2010 I got the message from Windows-10, "This Ap does not work on this version".

I have ordered ATI-2017- but, although the icon is still on the desktop, I don't see it listed as a program that I can uninstall.

My Question:  Is it likely that the Win-10 update uninstalled the program & just left the icon in place--- or is it possible that ATI-2010 is still there and might cause a problem with the installation of ATI-2017?

Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


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Gary, the chances are that the upgrade to Windows 10 has removed all the program files for ATIH 2010 but it may have left behind other related Acronis data.  I have seen the Windows 10 upgrades do this for other programs that it deemed were 'not compatible' with the new version of the OS.

I would recommend downloading the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature below), then run this as Administrator to remove all residual Acronis data which will save you needing to go trawling through various folders and the Windows Registry.  This will prepare the way for doing a clean install of ATIH 2017 on your Windows 10 computer.

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Hi Steve, 

I used the "MVP User Tools" link in your signature file. Obviously it links to 
Google Drive. Once in Google Drive I clicked the link titled "MVP_User_Guides_and_How_To's".
On the next page that displayed there are 16 Document links. 
One is titled "Copy of ATIH 2017 Disk Restore.pdf". I clicked it and when it displayed there was just Step 1 displayed. Steps 2 through 12 were blank. Do you have a full document with all Steps?

I'll be looking forward to your reply.
Thank You

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Stageman, the full document is still shown on the Google Drive but without the 'Copy of' prefix - you can use the MVP User Tools and Tutorials link here in the Forum in the Useful Links section, but I have also attached a copy of the original PDF file.

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