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Windows 8.1 + MX100 SSD + True Image 2015 = system freeze

Thread needs solution
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Hi all,

I've build 3 systems with almost equall hardware, the only difference is the harddrive.
1 uses an older SSD (120GB), 1 has a 256 GB Crucial MX100 and 1 has a 512 GB Crucial MX100 SSD.
The first and the last one works just fine but the one with the 256 GB Crucial MX100 SSD keeps freezing.
If I open task manager before the system freezes I see disk usage stuck on 100%.
After I re-installed the whole system everything worked just fine. Then I installed Acronis True Image with the web installer (AcronisTrueImage2015_web_en-EU.exe) After that the freezes started to happen again.
The build number is 6525. I don't understand what the reason is this only happens on 1 system.
They all have Identical Motherboard, CPU, Memory, GPU, etc. I have also made backups of the other 2 systems and restored them on the 256 GB SSD, still the same problem. if I uninstall True image everything works just fine. If I re-install it, the freezes start again. I would really like to use this software on all 3 PC's, I specially bought a license for 3 devices. Could you please help me figure this out or just fix this problem with an update?

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Several users have reported issues with Crucial SSDs. YOu should contact Acronis support.

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Pat is correct, a good number of users have reported such issues with Crucial Solid State Drives. I have attempted to help some of them solve the issue with varying degrees of success, I will admit though most often it is a failure. The 2 commons when solutions are achieved are current firmware on the drives themselves, it seems that there are some drives out there on the market with outdated firmware, and Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers also being out of date.

I have a good bit of experience with SSD's having worked extensively with them since the Gen 2 devices debuted several years ago. When these reports began cropping up here I immediately suspected drive firmware bug. It seems that the 256GB drives are the most reported problem drives. I find your experience interesting in that your experience with a 256GB version of an MX100 fits the theme but your 512GB MX100 exhibits no such behavior. This seems to lend some credibility to my suspicion of a firmware bug on those drives.

I know all that probably doesn't help you much but do verify that your drive has the latest firmware and if you are using IRST drivers make sure they are up to date as well.

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All systems have an AMD chipset, so it's definetly not the Intel RST drivers.
1 of the 2 Crucial SSD's works fine, the other doesn't.
I will check out which firmware they are using, maybe there is a difference in version.
I already looked for firmware updates but found none.
Does anyone know if there are newer firmwares and where to get these?

Thanx a lot, this really narrows down my search for a solution!

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I had not looked at the Crucial Support in awhile, had a quick look and the site show no firmware updates for the MX100 available. It has also been some time ago that the firmware version on a Crucial drive solved the issue. Looking at the support I believe that in that instance the drive was an M500 series.

I do recall reading at one point that a certain AMD chipset driver was causing problems with freezes but as I recall I think I discounted that at the time. Might worth a look see however.

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If any Acronis support or developers are monitoring this thread, you guys should really fix this ADD 12 and ATI 2015 with Crucial MX100 and MX200 problem. It completely hozes up a Win 8.1 installation, even after uninstallation, reboot, etc. Even the bootable flash or CD image freezes up. It requires a complete Reinstall to fix.
I just spent 3 days troubleshooting this problem with a new Crucial CT250MX200SSD4 SATA completely in the dark. It's really only discussed on a German site.
After using Acronis for 6+ years, I am so dismayed that I just bought multiple copies of Paragon Hard Disk manager and will no longer use Acronis in my business to avoid the time suck and extreme hassle.
Seriously, you guys should really not take this problem lightly. Own up to the problem and fix it, stop trying to bury it. You had a good software product here and you are not just losing Customers and recurring revenue, you are actually creating NEW business for your competitors out of pain. There are a lot of Crucial SSD's out there in the wild, and Customers will simply vote with their feet and dollars.
I know it's really easy to blame some firmware or hardware with a rigid view of right and wrong, but in the end it is just easier for a customer to switch software than risk breaking or replacing their hardware.