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WinPE Plus-Pack Boot media Network access

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What is the correct way to access an image file on a network file server from the booted Plus-Pack WinPE media? It doesn't seem to work like it used to (from the TI 2010 WinPE Boot media), or like the Down-loadable TI 2012 Boot media.

Using the Downloaded Boot media for TI 2012 (6154), I can boot up the disk, and find files shared from a local Windows-7 system on the same network.

For example, I can go into Recovery/Browse for backup, then Browse into 'Computers near me'. When I select a local server, I get a pop-up prompting me for authentication info. (userid/password).

This all seems to work o.k. But, If I boot the WinPE PP media, I don't see any entries for 'computers near me'. So, there isn't an obvious way to specify a local network server.

If I try the method I use with the TI 2010 WinPE boot media, this doesn't seem to work (with the TI 2012 version). As previously mentioned, there is no entry for 'Computers near me' in the 'Browse for Backup' panel.

If I go to the 'file name' field and type the server name, like


I get a pop-up asking for user-id/password (much like with the TI 2010 WinPE version).
But, unlike the TI 2010 version, typing in valid user-id and password doesn't connect me. If I click on 'Use NT Authentication', then it won't even let me update the user name and password fields.

So, in TI 2012 Downloaded boot media I can use the 'Computers near me' entry to get to my server without a problem. With the TI 2010 WinPE media I can enter the server name in the 'file name' field.

But, in the TI 2012 WinPE media, neither technique works for me. What am I missing?

After a bit of experimentation I found a workaround. in the TI 2012 WinPE media I can go to the command prompt and manually map a server drive with something like

net use /user:username q: \\servername\sharename *

and this maps a drive to windows as expected. Now, when I go to 'Browse for backup', I can enter the server name in the file name field. This time, if I enter the servername I get prompted with a list of shared drives on that server.

Selecting one of these drives now causes a new entry for 'Authentication settings' to appear in the 'Browse for location' panel. I can now correctly enter credentials for other shares on that same server.

Is this really now the expected way to do this? I was have hoping that there was some straightforward way to do this like the TI 2012 boot media, or the TI 2010 WinPE media method.

Am I just missing something?

For what it's worth, my local Windows 7 system (I use to share a drive) is configured to only accept NTLM connections.


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I will be interested to read responses, as I posted Item 29795, and have not received any feedback. Basically we have the same question...

How do you access network storage in a WinPE recovery session?

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Gregory, I have found that to be the only way I can access network shares as well. I made a few batch/command files to do the mappings for me, and placed them on the bootable media. After booting up to the winpe recovery environment, I execute the batch/command files to create drive letters mapped to the shares (starting with Z: and working backwards) I wish to access in Acronis. I use bootable flash drives as my winpe media, so it is very easy to update and create these batch/command files. This saves me a lot of time while in the winpe recovery environment . I agree that this is not nearly as convenient as being able to browse to the server, select the share and enter the login info and go, but it works for me. Gregory, I hope Acronis will enhance the winpe recovery environment to include browsing to network shares similar to ATIH2010 winpe recovery too. It worked much more smoothly that way. One can only hope.

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Guys, I also had the same issues you had while trying to restore from a network share. I found the easiest solution was to select Recovery --> Browse for Backup --> NAS connections. Type under the "file name" box the whole network share, but without the "\\" before the server name. Example: server\subdirectory\. Once the full path has been fully typed out now go back and add the required \\ before the servername. Example: \\server\subdirectory\. At that point the windows security prompt will pop up asking for credentials. I found the deeper the server path the better your chances of getting the NT authentications (Windows Security) prompt. At that point type your normal security credentials and all should be good. I have tested this with TI 2012 build 7119 and TI 2013 build 5551 with WinPE recovery disk. I am using the new WinPE 4.0 files though, so I am not sure if that would make a difference or not. I'm not sure if this is an artifact of Windows security from the server or just a poor flaw on TI.

Hope that helps